Training Methodology

General Physical Preparation

– General physical preparation / specific physical preparation
– Body sculpting
– Fat loss
– Improving fitness and stamina
– Improving spine health and Postural alignment
– Rehabilitation after an injury or after the birth of a child
– Kettlebell lifting
– Building lean muscle, bodybuilding
– Olympic wrestling and Sambo
– Stretching

Training Methods and training tools

We use specific tools and methods used by elite athletes but little known among amateur sports enthousiasts

Kettlebell-(Гиря)-Shaped like a canonball with a handle, it has been the tool of choice for the Red Army and then the USSR special forces before reaching the professional athletes. Kettlebell are very efficient because they provide an intense cardio workout and muscular strenght and endurance at the same time.

TRX-based on the principle of “suspension training”, the TRX system enables you to get stronger using your own bodyweight. Exercises are unlimited and have you use your core in synchronicity with you arms, shoulders and legs in a very functionnal way. The TRX has been developped by the military.

BOSU(BOth Side Up)- The bosu revolutionises the way you can use your deep stabilisator muscles. It is the ideal tool for balance exercices (standing on one foot) and strenghtening the joints (knees and ankle for exemple). Runners and other athletes can benefit from it and no longer suffer repetitive sprain as they educate their joints.

Perestroika Training

Based on the methods used by the soviet army and high level athletes, it’s a concept thatImproves fitness and conditionning, melts bodyfat fast, develops the body, helps get rid of stress and teaches people how to transcend themselves.
Everyone that want to improve and exeed his best perfomances can benefit from it because the intensity is adpated to your personnal fitness level. It’s been launched during summer 2012, on the beach Opéra Plage (Nice – Promenade des Anglais).


We also use a variety of exercises with ropes, elastic cables and we like outdoor activities.
Some of our programs are inspired by the combat sports of wrestling and sambo. Unwinding your energy and learning self mastery are used to provide you with a better sense of how your body works. You become more self confident and get a better hability to focus at work.
Before starting the exercise program we use a detailed evaluation protocol to test your physical abilitites, your bodyfat percentage etc. Those are mesured regularly in order for you to monitor your progress.