Psychic motor development
Physical Preparation


Years of successifully developing Elite Athletes

Former Elite Athlete, Constantin Cristea, has been a sucessfull Professional coach for ten years. High level atlhetes and even olympic medalists, have taken advantage of Constantin’s help as well as people with little or no sports’ background with the goal of improving their general health and fitness. The training plan is tailormade to yours needs and to your level of motivation. It is very easy to implement in the gym or at home. There is no need for fancy or pricy equipement. Results are guaranted and you can notice improvement after the first couple of sessions. You greatly benefit from those customed and very unique training programs that will keep you busy and motivated. We try to make it fun and entertaining too ! We help you get better at whatever it is that you do, according your base level and your expectetions. Come to us with you specific goals, and we will design together a specific program for you to achieve them.